Arrival instructions to Metsä Group's Pro Nemus visitor center

The address of the Pro Nemus Visitor Center is Sarvelantie 1, 44100 Äänekoski. 

Metsä Fiber's signs guide you to the center from the center of Äänekoski. On the left side of the Sarvelantie, before the factory gates, there is a P5 car park where guests can park their cars. The car can be parked in any free parking space.

When coming from the car park, walk under the train bridge towards the factory area until you meet the passenger gates. Wait in peace at the gates for visitor center guides. The guides will meet the group at the passenger gates at 4.50 pm. The transfer to the center will take place at 17.05.

Guests must arrive on time. In case of possible delays, access to the visit cannot be guaranteed.Disabled parking spaces are located inside the factory area. In this case, the vehicle registration number must be stated at the time of registration to ensure a smooth arrival. There are driving gates on the Sarvelantie before the factory area, which can be accessed with a driving license based on register identification. 

After the driving gates, drive straight ahead under the train bridge and follow the signs to the visitor center on the left side of Sarvelantie. Disabled parking spaces are located in the immediate vicinity of the visitor center. The visitor center is accessible.Telephone number of the center guide: 

050 339 1531

Guest safety instructions

The Pro Nemus visitor center is located in the factory area near Metsä Group's bioproduct factory. The safety instructions of the factory area must be followed in the area. The minimum age for visitors is 7 years.In Pro Nemus, photography is allowed.Shooting in the factory area always requires permission.

Smoking is only allowed in marked areas outside the center.Arriving while intoxicated or possessing intoxicants in the factory area is prohibited.Guests are not allowed to leave the factory area without a guide.In the event of fire alarms or other possible exceptional situations, follow the instructions in the manual.When moving up the stairs, hold on to the handrail and focus on moving.

Visit to Metsä Group's Pro Nemus visitor center

During the restrictions related to the COVID 19 pandemic.The health and safety of our guests and staff is of paramount importance to us. We follow the instructions and recommendations issued by the health authorities. We do not recommend visiting people who belong to themselves or have a family at risk for COVID 19.If you have returned to Finland from abroad during the last 14 days from the date of the visit, please contact us in advance well before the visit to

Please follow the instructions below to ensure a safe stay.Participation in the visit is only completely healthy. Even in the slightest symptoms, you have to stay home. Avoid close contact with others throughout your visit. Keep a safety distance of at least two meters.The visitor center offers face masks that should be worn throughout the stay.Pay special attention to hand hygiene throughout your visit.If you become ill soon after the visit and your symptoms indicate a crown, we hope you will report it to Pro Nemus (050 339 1531). This allows us to map possible chains of infection if necessary.

Muokattu 1.9.2020